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About Us

Athena is the mastermind and life/relationship coach behind the ‘Master Your Life’ programs. The story and goals of this company are closely tied with her own life-story.   ​​My team and I created a system to help struggling coaches, business owners,  and other professionals to fast-track their business, start making a revenue, and attract high-paying clients while working less hours and without comprising their lifestyle. 

Around the year she provides week-long retreats throughout the USA for professional women and men looking to reconnect with themselves and re-energize their lives.

We want you to achieve and maintain a balanced life in which you’ll feel:

  • Energized and renewed
  • Inspired to take action
  • Fulfilled 
  • Able to take care of other areas of your life, such as family, friends, your body.
  • Enough time to travel and enjoy yourself
  • Have financial freedom.
  • Create a healthy work environment
  • Confidence in your leadership skills
  • Ready and able to provide high-value services to your clients.
  • Confident, secure, and self-centered.
 Her ultimate goal is to help her clients lead balanced lives full of financial/professional success, good health, and healthy relationships. Lives lived to their fullest potential, fully connected to others and the wider universe and free of anxiety, stress, and other limiting emotions. ​​​​

 She herself  was taken on this path because she grew up with the opposite. As a child she lived through poverty and an unsupportive family life  and as an adult she survived an abusive relationship and several suicide attempts. She knew she needed to change her life and, after a lot of hard work, she made it to the other side. Armed with all this first-hand experience and intimate knowledge of the physical, mental, and emotional struggles many women face, she started her coaching business.

When she’s not working with her clients, she can be found exploring the hiking trails around Sedona, AZ.